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3-10-08 notes - Example Nora’s explanation of her actions...

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The Nineteenth Century: Technology o Industrial Revolution= Urban centers. Mechanization/alienation, need for entertainment (vaudeville) Karl Marx’s theory of class conflict and critique of capitalism o Photograph Civil War Science o Evolution- Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (1859) contradicts Bible and Newton Influence of heredity and environment on character o Psychoanalysis- Freud’s theories of dynamic intrapsychic struggle between unconscious desires and defense mechanisms Implications for the Stage (1): Scenography o Incandescent lights Permitted the action to move upstage of the proscenium arch o Box sets See page 381: Unit set that included three walls and a ceiling Heralded the innovation of the fourth wall convention Located and defined the setting very specifically o Action presumed to continue off-stage Implications for the Stage (2): Drama o Characters’ motivations examined by the dialogue
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Unformatted text preview: Example: Nora’s explanation of her actions • With Mrs. Linde pp. 255-258 • With Torvald pp. 290-294 o Subtext often at odds with text Page 287: Dr. Rank and Nora, “Thanks for the light.” • Playwrights associated with early Realism: o Anton Chekhov (Russia) o Henrik Ibsen (Norway) o George Bernard Shaw (England) Implications for the Stage (3): • Performance o Representational performances o Illusion of moment by moment reality o Systematize the acting process Konstantin Stanislavsky and the inside/out “Not Real Enough:” • Realism sparked many reactions o Naturalism-Zola-Designed to be a “slice of life” Action not “selected” (too artificial!) so often lacked narrative drive • Slow Seedy characters: “Life as it is, not as you’d like it to be.” • A host of avant-garde “ism”s...
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3-10-08 notes - Example Nora’s explanation of her actions...

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