2-20-08 notes

2-20-08 notes - the play. Background facts. Implicit or...

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February 20, 2008 Actor’s instrument- Expressive voice, body, mind capable of understanding, imagination capable of projecting itself into circumstances not our own, props and costumes Konstantin Stanislavsky- Co-founded the Moscow art theatre. He is known for his desire to systematize acting. Inside/out—working through all types of gestures. Book calls inside/out method acting. Outside/in: directing the body to do things that influence psychology of an actor. o Good actors should be able to do both outside/in and inside/out. o Moscow theatre toured America, performed in NYC in Russian but people amazingly still understood it (1923). Empathy: feeling with others The “magic if”: how would I feel IF I was in this situation or IF my life looked like this Given circumstances: things you know about the characters that aren’t always stated in
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Unformatted text preview: the play. Background facts. Implicit or Explicit. Actors use it to build their character. Contextual information. What motivates them? Dual-consciousness: being an actor and being in an imaginary world Going up: forgetting lines Hamlet or Jack Tanner? o Which is bigger? o Largest role in English Language Unions: give actors legal rights o stage actors and stage directors are governed by the same union (work, hours, breaks, pay) screen actors guild AFTRA- American federation of television and radio Auditions o Cattle call audition: open to everybody. Normally get so many people its like cattle. Little time to show your stuff. You are a number....
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2-20-08 notes - the play. Background facts. Implicit or...

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