12-1-08 archaeology notes

12-1-08 archaeology notes - 12/1/08 Archaeology Notes...

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12/1/08 Archaeology Notes Teotihuacan o Urbanism in central Mexico o 100 bc to ad 600 Cuicuilco o Need to use a jackhammer to get down there because there is lots of volcanic rock o There was a volcanic explosion 100-200 bc that covered everything o Everything started to be abandoned—probably because of the volcano o Teotihuacan became very big after the volcanic explosion because everyone started going there. After a century or two, the city got very large o Street of the dead/ Pyramid of the Moon/ Pyramid of the Sun/ Cuidadela contains Feathered Serpent pyramid—all Aztec names. o The Aztec knew the city was there but no one really knew who build it Pyramid of the Sun o Small platform in front and huge pyramid behind o Largest single piece of construction in the pre-Hispanic world o It was build all at once o Sits on the avenue of the dead o The location looks out into the mountains and there is a cave directly under the front steps of the pyramid o Most of it is natural but some have been exposed and people dug down into it There is a wall that runs along the street of the dead
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12-1-08 archaeology notes - 12/1/08 Archaeology Notes...

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