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11-10-08 archeology notes

11-10-08 archeology notes - o Used for administration Tax...

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11/10/2008 Archeology Notes Talk on the 13 th at the Unity Church on Folsom and Belmont—Mummies of Turkish something? 7pm Kings and Queens in Mesopotamia Uruk to Early Dynastic Periods 4000 to 2350 cal bc Uruk City of Uruk and name of time period Founded in Ubaid 20,000-30,000 during Uruk period city wall build ca. 3000 to 2900 cal bc Shift to massive fortification During Uruk times, this was the biggest city in the world Centered around the sacred precinct o Uruk o White temple Limestone building o 3000 cal bc Eanna precinct today o Cone and mosaics used in the walls o Uruk period foundations of White temple Bulla and tokens o Tokens played a role in managing the flow of goods in the Neolithic o In the Uruk period, tokens were used to label and manipulate shipments of goods o Enclosed tokens in a clay envelope Cuneiform
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o Writing of some kind Uses of Writing in Mesopotamia Over Time
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Unformatted text preview: o Used for administration Tax record How o Economic transactions Who is getting what o Lexical lists This is what words look like when we right them down Early Sumerian “Kings”: multiple paths to ruler ship • Gilgamesh ensi of Uruk o Lugal: warlord o Sangu: accountant o Ensi: human spouse of a city’s god “Queen” Puabi’s cylinder seal • Nin: queen or priestess (or both?) • Akkadian name, not Sumerian • Had a solid gold hat and a cape as well • Her “lady in waiting” wore a lot of gold as well Why do elites arise? • What do elites do? o Conflict models o Integration models? • How do you become elite? o Entrepreneurial models Codifying laws and administering justice • What the elites did Allocating water for irrigation • “minister of Canals” mentioned in story of Gilgamesh...
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11-10-08 archeology notes - o Used for administration Tax...

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