10-15-08 archaeology notes

10-15-08 archaeology notes - o Architecturally it is not...

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10/15/2008 What are Cultivation and Domestication? Wild wheat/barley: o Smaller seeds o Brittle rachis o Large, shard awns Domesticated wheat/barley: o Larger seeds o Sturdy rachis o Small awns Ramat Harif, Israel o Ca. 11,000 cal bc o Seeds from this sigh get a small percentage Nahal Oren, Israel o Ca. 10,000 cal bc o Seeds: 3% o Not a dramatic change Chronological Periods in the Near Eastern Neolithic o Early Neolithic/Preceramic Neolithic 10,000 to 8800 cal bc o Middle Neolithic/ Preceramic Neolithic 8800 to 6900 cal bc o Late Neolithic/ Ceramic Neolithic 6900 to 6000 cal bc Natufian Abu Hureyra o Individual family areas o Timber frame huts o Pretty big settlement—about 200-300 people lived there at one time
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o We can see they ate wheat o Gazelle were important sources of food
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Unformatted text preview: o Architecturally it is not classic Natufian but other than that it is o Natufian underneath and Neolithic above Natufian refers to a particular hunting and gathering set of sites—pre farming How Fast Did Farming Develop? Cultivation vs. Domestication Date (cal bc) % domesticated wheat 10,000 10 75000 36 6300 64 So Why Become a Farmer? • Natufian subsistence abundant/ diverse • Natufian communities were already sedentary • Process of domestication very slow and possibly accidental • Cultivation/ domestication narrows the diet • Some work did not change at all • Populations did rise locally and regionally • In the long term, local environments were probably damaged...
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10-15-08 archaeology notes - o Architecturally it is not...

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