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discussion 2 - 3 How did FHA policies influence where...

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Leah Smith GEOG 1982 Recitation 112 Discussion Prep #2: Suburbanization in the U.S. 1. When was the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) established? What is its primary function? What effects had it had on housing finance? Established as part of the National Housing Act of 1934 Regulate interest rate and terms of mortgage. “encourage improvement on housing standards, facilitate sound home financing on reasonable terms, and to exert a stabilizing influence on mortgage.” Alleviation of unemployment 2. How did the appraisal methods instituted by the Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) and the Underwriting Manual used by the FHA influence social relations in regard to race and ethnicity? Worried an area could lose its investment value if black-white separation was not maintained 1949- would not insure mortgages on real estate subject to covenants Chartered maps at present and future residential locations of black families
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Unformatted text preview: 3. How did FHA policies influence where builders chose to build homes and buyers chose to buy them? • Minimum requirements for lot size, setback from street, separation from adjacent structures and for width of house itself • Made suburbia more desirable 4. Jackson asserts that the FHA “turned the building industry against the inner city and ‐ minority housing market” (213). Using one of the cities that Jackson cites as an example to support this claim, describe the specific social and geographical transformations that he says federal housing policy helped to precipitate. • Washington D.C. -> few mortgages in black neighborhoods • FHA insurances mostly in suburbs 5. In spite of the many evils he details, why does Jackson suggest that suburbanization might be considered an ideal government policy? • More mortgages in the suburban towns • Institutionalized racism • No proof of intent...
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