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Notes for Final - The Decline and Rebirth of Slavery I The...

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The Decline and Rebirth of Slavery I. The Effect of the War on Slavery For the most part my paper II. Slavery becomes problem An Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery -Pennsylvania rules that if you have any slaves that are older than 31 years then you must register them @ a fee of 2 dollars(if you fail to register slave gets freedom) children of slaves get freedom when they turn 28 “Scientific Racism”- Flawed observations that are attributed to science; which back slavery and racism Notes on the State of Virginia- Racist and has bad effect on the continued exercise of slavery as an excuse The Cotton Gin- Eli Whitney’s invention creates a need for Southern slave labor and knocks abolition movements backwards Financial Problems of the 1780’s 1)The Problems of Independence Territorial Control-not full power over Northwest territories,Indians and British forts along Great lakes Frontier Violence btwn. Indians and Whites Soldier’s Pay, War Debts- something Continental Congress can’t do because they can’t tax Robert Morris - Cont. Cong. Appoints him financial chair, he creates a national Bank 2) The Bank of North America - Money will be deposited into the bank(gold and silver coins) and the bank will deposit loans; Cont. Cong. Deposit money into bank, States Deposit money, and private individuals deposit money -take care of money shortage and back it with silver and gold, eventually will be able to print more money than is backed theoretically *Bank of North America fails because not enough people put their money into the bank 3) The Continental Impost - - - 5% import duty placed on all imports(illegal-goes beyond Articles of Confederation) Rhode Island does not approve amendment for Continental Impost because it desires to keep its own import duty
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4) The Newburgh Conspiracy - Conspiracy of officers to overthrow the government by Cont. Army officers because they were not getting payed, eventually shot down by George Washington’s speech to them 5)Other Economic Problems Trade Problems-boycott on English goods British Goods flood American markets and undercut prices to eliminate the possibility of American competitors; Britian allows goods to be bought on credit Can’t trade w/ West Indies must trade directly w/ England(makes it more expensive) Rising American individual debt; trade deficit is bad; Cont. Cong. Is powerless to fight G.B. because it can’t tax PEOPLE START TO RECOGNIZE THAT THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT NEEDS MORE POWER The Constitutional Convention I. The Constitutional Convention, The Delgates The Constitutional Convention- 55 delegates from 12 states(everywhere but RI), 45 of them lawyers w/ political and military experience, wealthy, young, best thinkers
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Notes for Final - The Decline and Rebirth of Slavery I The...

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