Circulatory - Circulation I. Characteristics of blood...

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Circulation I. Characteristics of blood vessels A. Blood vessels 1. Arteries carry blood away from the heart. There are three classes of arteries: a. Elastic or conducting arteries: contracts to conduct blood throughout body b. Muscular or distributing arteries: aorta/pulmonary artery a. Arterioles: smallest artery type, feed capillary beds, control blood flow to the tissues of your body; vasodialation-increases blood flow from arterioles, vasoconstriction-decrease blood flow from arterioles 2. Three classes of capillaries Capillaries-one cell thick a. Continuous: abundant in skin and muscle; tight junctions, but intercellular clefts are present. b. Fenestrated: endothelial lining has many pores in plasma membranes providing more permeability for fluids and small molecules. Found in kidneys, small intestine, and endocrine glands. c. Sinusoidal: very specialized; contain cells specific to the tissue where they are found, like hepatocytes, phagocytes. These tend to be very leaky even to larger molecules. Found in liver, spleen, and bone marrow. 3. venules: union of capillaries at bed termination. 5. veins: carry blood back to the heart a. venous pump= skeletal muscle pump w/ valves to trap down flow II. Mammalian cardiovascular system A. Human circulation. 1. pulmonary circuit: right ventricle à lungs à left atria. 2. systemic circuit: left ventricle à body à right atria. 3. pulmonary is relatively low pressure system and systemic is high pressure system. B. Heart
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Circulatory - Circulation I. Characteristics of blood...

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