BIOLOGY ESSAYS - complement proteins 1 mechanical processes breaking up food mixing in saliva forming bolus-saliva dampened ball of food 2 chemical

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BIOLOGY ESSAYS Clonal selection (Antigens or/ and Th cell cytokines); plasma cell produces; nuetraliztion(mask bacterial exotoxins and viruses); agglutination(clumping of antigen cells and antibodies); precipitation(clumping of soluble antigen molecules and antibodies);complement fixation(antibodies display receptor for complement binding); complement activation(activate C3 leads to reactions that bring in other
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Unformatted text preview: complement proteins) 1. mechanical processes: breaking up food; mixing in saliva; forming bolus-saliva dampened ball of food 2. chemical processes: carbohydrate digestion=salivary amylase- breaks down carbohydrates; pH buffering; limited lipid digestion=salivary lipase-breaks down lipids as a child 3. immunity: lysozyme-anti-bacterial enzyme in saliva...
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