Chapter 7 and 8

Chapter 7 and 8 - Chapter 7 Apostolic Missions Paul-most...

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Chapter 7 Apostolic Missions Paul-most prolific missionary HISTORY OF PAUL -born into a family of Pharisees -originally persecuted Christians -blinded by the light on road to damascus -spreads word and founds churches -is killed by Nero ------------------ -God-fearers=people who went to synagogue and read Torah, but feared circumcision -Jerusalem Conference =Gentiles did not have to get circumcised to become a Christian Pseudonymity - disciples of Paul wrote letters using his name Apostle - one sent out by Jesus to preach the word about him Disciple -leaner/follower Justification by faith - one cannot be justified by the works of the law(impossible to completely avoid sin, and impossible to make up for sins with good deeds) but only through faith -only God’s grace (God’s acquittal of humanities imperfections his free gift) can save us -only Jesus’ sacrificial atonement (Jesus died for our sins) can save us Justification by Works - avoid sin as much as possible in order to get close to God, make up for sins by doing some good deed Faith is trust in Jesus Faith is expressed through love Baptism-believer is incorporated into Christ Eucharist-source of unity btwn. Christians Patriarchal sees -leading seats of the Christian church including Jerusalem, Rome, Constantinople etc… Jerusalem Church:
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48-49 C.E. Christians start to identify as separate from Jews in Jerusalem
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Chapter 7 and 8 - Chapter 7 Apostolic Missions Paul-most...

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