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Final Examination Information for 33a The exam will cover all the sections of the book that we have done up to and including Section 7.5. If you did not attend the lectures, you can see which sections we covered by looking at the homework sets. To prepare for the Final, you should do all the homework problems. Minor variations of some of the homework problems will appear on the Final. You should also go over the midterm and sample midterm exams . The more practice questions you do, the better you’ll be prepared for the Final. You should have a sense of what type of questions I prefer to ask. Anything that is obscure, technical, or whose solution is really messy will not be asked. The questions will be distributed roughly equally across the book. It is not hard to guess what sorts of things are likely to appear on the exam: Row
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Unformatted text preview: reduction, subspaces, checking a function is linear, Gram-Schmidt, diagonalizing a matrix, computing eigenvectors and eigenvalues, calculating some determinants, calculating the inverse of a matrix, working out the matrix of a linear transformation relative to a basis etc. The best advice I have is that you work out the homework problems and do as many extra problems as you can. I may make some additional comments on Sunday, once I’ve written your exam. There will be approximately 10 questions, maybe 1 or 2 more, depending on how hard I think the initial 10 questions are. I hope that you’ll be able to complete the exam in at most two and half hours; time should not be a problem, so you should not worry about that. 1...
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