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University of California, Los Angeles Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department MAE 101: S TATICS AND S TRENGTH OF M ATERIALS Winter 2009 Instructor: W. S. Klug MIDTERM EXAM Monday, February 9, 2009, 2:00pm–3:50pm. Instructions: Please complete the exam using a large exam book. The exam is closed-book, closed-notes, except for 5 pages of handwritten notes (8.5” x 11”, each side counts as one page). These notes must be stapled to your exam books during the exam. You may use a calculator. Write clearly — we must be able to read and understand your work to assign credit. Incorrect or absent free-body diagrams will result in loss in credit. Correct answers without supporting analysis will not guarantee credit. If you think that a problem statement is unclear, ambiguous, incomplete, or incorrect, explain why you think it is so, and state any assumptions you feel are necessary in order to proceed.
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Problem 1. Problem 2.
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