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CHEMISTRY 20L COURSE INFORMATION (SECTION 1) Winter 2009 (LAST DAY TO DROP IMPACTED COURSE - January 16) Lecture: Tuesday 9am in CS76 Dr. Susan Walsh ( Office Hours: Monday 4-5pm and Thursday 10-11am in 2070B Young Hall Laboratory Room(s): 1370 & 1379 Young Hall Enforced Requisites: Prerequisites: Courses 20A or 20AH (C- or better). Corequisites: 20B or 20BH (C- or better if completed) Virtual Office Hours: Chemistry 20L will use the Department of Chemistry's Virtual Office Hour ( VOH ) for posting report guidelines and office hours on the Internet. The address is Course Web Site: Go to the course VOH page and you will find a link to the class Web site. Section Instructor: Teaching Assistant. Times and locations of all TA office hours will be posted on VOH by the end of the second week of the quarter. You are encouraged to attend office hours scheduled by any TAs. Lecture Schedule: 1/6 Introduction, Measurements, and Errors 2/10 Chemical Kinetics 1/13 Theory on Beer's Law and Concentration Units 2/17 Theory on Distillation 1/20 Introduction to Acids and Bases 2/24 1/27 Phosphate in Detergent 3/3 Acid Base Equilibrium (II) 2/3 Exam #1 (No Make Up Exam) 3/10 Exam #2 (No Make Up Exam) Lab Preparation: You must be prepared for the experiment before you come to lab if you wish to complete the experiment in the time allotted. The course is impacted; there is neither make-up time in the course nor space for you to work in other sections. If you miss a lab (valid reason and written documentations will be required ), you MUST discuss the issue with the course instructor to see what other options you may have to complete the
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This note was uploaded on 04/26/2009 for the course CHEM 20L taught by Professor Gould during the Spring '08 term at UCLA.

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classes_winter09_20L-2ID16_syllabus_w091 - CHEMISTRY 20L...

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