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Chem 20L Study Guide for Cumulative Exam #1 Winter 2009 Exam #1 – Tuesday (Feb. 3) at 9am in CS76 NO EXTRA TIME will be given if you are late to the exam. NO MAKE UP EXAM WILL BE GIVEN. Exam MUST be taken during the lecture section in which you are officially enrolled. Exam is CLOSED book and CLOSED notes. Make sure you also bring a pen, a CALCULATOR (CHECK THE BATTERIES!) & your student ID to the exam. The exam will include topics such as precision, significant figures, error analysis, solutions concentrations, serial dilutions, Beer's law, equivalent weight, simple concepts in acids and bases and concepts from writing assignments and reports. NOTE: Exam will be conceptua l. This means that besides knowing how to do the mathematics, you will also need to know the concepts behind the experiments and be able to justify your numerical results if necessary. Do NOT simply memorize the lecture guides or read the lab procedures. FOCUS on the CONCEPTUAL UNDERSTANDING OF THE MATERIALS. (I) Error Analysis (1) Calculate the percent error for the following quantities. (a) (20.54 ± 0.02 X 0.254 ± 0.003) / (3.21 ± 0.05) (b) 30.078 ± 0.003 - 20.174 ± 0.001 + 9.813 ± 0.005 (2) Calculate the absolute errors for the quantities in question 1. (3) Calculate the percent relative average deviation for the following set of data. 20.96, 20.85, 20.89, 20.92 (4) Calculate the percent relative standard deviation for the data in question 3. Use the revised %RSD equation for this question. Refer to the pipet calibration report guideline for the revised equation. (5) Describe briefly the meanings of systematic errors and random errors.
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review sheet - Chem 20L Study Guide for Cumulative Exam #1...

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