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<p>Measurements are determined to correct precision by means of the universal practice of significant figures. The use of significant figures by all members of the scientific community gives more meaning to all measurements by establishing how each number came about and its relative significance. For example, when using a 100 mL graduated cylinder marked every 1 mL, one must record measurements to one decimal place when reporting in milliliters. The device itself has clear markings at milliliter intervals, but the rules of significant figures tell the user to include one extra significant figure, which is estimated. If the volume is between the fifty-five and fifty-six milliliter markings, the user must mentally divide the gap between them into tenths and estimate where the bottom of the meniscus lies. If it appears to lie exactly halfway between fifty-five and fifty-six, she will record 55.5 mL. In this case the proper amount of significant figures is three and the units of mL must also be recorded to show exactly what is being measured. </ p> <br> <p>Measurement A has three significant figures determined by counting the two non-zero digits and the zero between these two significant digits, but eliminating the leading two zeroes. All four digits of Measurement B are significant because there are two non-zero digits, a zero between these significant digits, and a zero in the decimal place. Measurement C only has two significant figures because the first two digits are nonzero and significant, but the remaining digit is excluded as a zero at the tail of the number and not in the decimal place. Scientific notation is a
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cpr 1 sig figs - &lt;p&gt;Measurements are determined to...

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