Study Guide Midterm 1

Study Guide Midterm 1 - Here is your chapter by chapter...

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Here is your chapter by chapter study guide of things you should understand before taking the exam. Make sure you thoroughly review your lecture notes. If something in the notes is unclear to you, go back to the book to read up on that section. This is not an exhaustive list, this is just something to help you focus your studying time. If I list a specific figure for you to look at in the chapter, make sure you understand everything that is happening in that figure (sometimes there is an alternate form of that figure in your lecture notes, I expect you to understand either representation of a process). Even if I have not listed a figure here, I do expect that you have looked over those in the lecture notes to study for the exam. Chapter 1 – 1. Describe cell theory 2. Understand the central dogma and how we get from DNA to protein 3. Understand the importance of a null hypothesis, and the difference between comparative and controlled experiments. Chapter 2 – 1. Give examples of covalent and non-covalent bonds and interactions (Table 2.1) 2. What are some of the important properties of water? 3. Review acid base reactions and the importance of buffers 4. Describe the difference between condensation and hydrolysis. Chapter 3 – 1. Know the basic structure of an amino acid. You do not need to be able to draw each amino acid, but you should know how many are polar, non-polar, etc. 2. Know the four levels of protein structure 3. State the similarities and differences between mono-, di-, and polysaccharides. 4. Understand the role of lipids, carbs, and nucleic acids
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Study Guide Midterm 1 - Here is your chapter by chapter...

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