Study Guide Midterm 2b

Study Guide Midterm 2b - Here is a chapter by chapter study...

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Here is a chapter by chapter study guide of things you should understand before taking the exam. Make sure you thoroughly review your lecture notes. If something in the notes is unclear to you, go back to the book to read up on that section. The exam will be based on this study guide and your understanding of the material represented here. If I list a specific figure for you to look at in the chapter, make sure you understand everything that is happening in that figure (sometimes there is an alternate form of that figure in your lecture notes, I expect you to understand either representation of a process). This midterm covers through chapters 9, 15, 40, 41, 42, (43 at the level of the lecture), 44, I know it is a lot of material, I have tried to be as detailed as I can for the information I would like you to cover. Chapter 9 – 1. What are the four things that occur in cell division? 2. What are the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell division? 3. What occurs in each phase of the cell cycle? (Fig. 9.3) Where are the checkpoints during the cell cycle, and what must occur in order for replication to occur? (Fig 9.6) 4. What are the roles of the centrioles, microtubules and kintechores in mitosis? 5. What “pulls” the chromosomes apart? 6. What happens at every step of Mitosis? (Figs. 9.10, 9.11) 7. What causes cells to go into a cycle of uncontrolled cell division? 8. What is the purpose of meiosis? When and where does crossing over occur? 9. What happens at each step of meiosis? (Fig. 9.16) What is non-disjunction, when can it
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Study Guide Midterm 2b - Here is a chapter by chapter study...

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