End_of_Chapter 10 Review

End_of_Chapter 10 Review - IE 305/404 Spring 2009 Review...

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IE 305/404 Spring 2009 Review Questions for Exam 2 This set of questions is from the later part of Chapter 10 that was not covered on the previous exam Question 1 (Chapter 10) (Part c of this question is the part that may be on exam 2) Consider an automobile safety inspection station. Three designs are being considered. Design 1 consists of 3 parallel stations. Each station has a mechanic who performs all three safety checks (brakes, headlights and steering). Design 2 consists of 3 stations in series. One mechanic is assigned to each station. Each mechanic performs a single check (brakes in first station, headlights in second, and steering in third). Cars proceed through the stations in order. There is no buffer storage between stations thus a car must wait until station i+1 is empty before leaving station i. Design 3 is exactly like design 2 except that a single buffer space is located between stations 1 and 2 and another between stations 2 and 3. Five simulation replicates of each of the three systems were run using the method of common random numbers . The results (average time in system for each run) appear below. Design 1Design 2Design 3 64.72 63.06 57.74 32.24 31.78 29.65 40.28 40.32 36.52 36.94 37.71 35.71 36.29 36.79 33.81 a) Construct a 90% confidence interval on the difference in mean time in system between design 1 and design 2. b)
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End_of_Chapter 10 Review - IE 305/404 Spring 2009 Review...

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