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ANTH2r - which means it does not have any known relatives 5...

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ANTH-276 February 8, 2009 HOMEWORK #2 1. There are 12 nearly extinct languages spoken in Europe. They are Silesian, lower which is spoken in the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. Romano-Greek which is spoken in Greece, liv which is spoken in Latvia, Karaim which is spoken in Lithuania. Saami Pite which is skpoken in Norway, Saami Akkala, Saami Ter and Vod which are all spoken in Russia and Saami Pite and Saami Ume which are spoken in Sweden. 2. The six special interest languages are Creole, deaf sign language, gypsy, Jewish, mixed and Pidgin. 3. In the Americas the percentage of living languages are 14.5%, in Africa 30.3%, in Europe 3.5%, in Asia 32.8% and in the Pacific 19% 4. Burushaski is spoken mainly in Pakistan also in India. It is a language isolate
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Unformatted text preview: which means it does not have any known relatives 5. Wakashan has two branches the northern which contains 3 languages and the southern which has 2 languages. The languages are Haisla with 25 speakers, Heiltsuk with 300 speakers, Kwakiutl with 235 speakers, Makah with no speakers and Nootka with 200 speakers 6. Four languages with OSV word order are Kemak which is spoken in Timor Island, Nadeb which is spoken in Brazil, Xavante which is spoken in Brazil, Yahup which is spoken in Brazil. Two languages that have OVS word order are Pemon which is spoken in Venezuela and Hixkayana which is spoken in Brazil....
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