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ANTH 276 March 8, 2009 Community of Practice Homework 1. The community of practice that I belong to is the Arizona Archaeological Society. 2. The reason that this is a community of practice is that the members of the society come together once a month for a harmonious engagement. The members of the society share an enterprise which is archaeology. The enterprise is specifically based on archaeology and topics related to the field. I and the other members of the society share a range of common skills and the group together works to accomplish goals related to the field of archaeology. The repertoire results in internal communication and negotiation between members about numerous aspects of archaeology, theories and methods. 3. 2 examples: Members share specific tools, representations, and other artifacts- The members of
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Unformatted text preview: the Arizona Archaeological Society share many common tools and representations. This occurs the majority of the time when then society is conducting fieldwork. There is a common set of tools which are used in archaeological fieldwork. The tools common to this community of practice are shovels, trowels, screens, picks and flagging tape. Substantial overlap in participant's description of who is a member- It is commonly known among the members who actually is a member and who is not. To be a member certain conditions must be met, these conditions include attending meetings, paying dues and participation. The description of who is a member is overlapping through the whole society....
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