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Rachel Alpert English 203-531 Ms. Lee Drunken Death In “The Cask of Amontillado”, by Edgar Allen Poe, a bitter friend, Montresor, seeks revenge on Fortunato for ridiculing his family name. The Montresor family motto, “nemo me impune lacessit," or, "let no one challenge me with impunity,” plays a large role in this story because after Fortunato disrespects Montresor by referring to one of his family members as an “ignoramus” (126), Montresor feels he needs to seek revenge on Fortunato. The chosen passage is influential to this story because it reveals a great deal about both characters; the dark side of Montresor comes to light while the egotistical drunkard, Fortunato, also exposes his true nature. This passage also contains some of the perverse moments of this story and goes along with the cruel tone of this short story. In “The Cask of Amontillado”, Poe uses two very different, clashing characters and a vicious, sadistic tone to tell the story of a betrayed trust, revenge, and murder. Within the passage, the reader is shown the dark side of Montresor. Montresor states, “The noise lasted for several minutes, during which, that I might hearken to it with the more satisfaction, I ceased my labours and sat down upon the bones. When at last the clanking subsided, I resumed the trowel…” (144-146) These two lines show that Montresor does not have a normal, moral human soul. When he sits upon the bones of the dead, one
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EnglishWP2 - Rachel Alpert English 203-531 Ms Lee Drunken...

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