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Unformatted text preview: 3 Elements of Film What happened Story How story is told Plot Cinematic Style Film techniques used 3 Types of Movie Narratives 1. Classical Tragedy 2. 3 Act Structure 3. Alternative 3 Act Structure Derived from Classical Dramatic (Tragic) Structure Freytag's Pyramid Tragic 5 Act Structure T E N S I O N protagonist's dramatic line TIME S T A K E S protagonist's dramatic line TIME R I S K protagonist's dramatic line TIME Climax Rising Action Falling Action Climax = Protagonist's major decision Tragic Structure Climax Rising Action Falling Action I II III IV V Tragic Structure Macbeth (1948) Climax in Act II Orson Welles Tragic Structure Hamlet (1948) Climax = Act III Scene III Laurence Olivier Tragic Structure Good for moral tales, cautionary tales Gives viewers time to consider consequences of an action Citizen Kane (1941) Climax at 68'/120' Tragic Structure Lawrence of Arabia (1962) Climax at 105'/224' Tragic Structure Raging Bull (1980) Climax at 71'/129' Tragic Structure GoodFellas (1990) Climax at 75'/145' Tragic Structure There Will Be Blood (2007) Climax at 105'/158' Tragic Structure Hollywood's 3 Act Structure Shifts Climax much nearer end Hollywood's 3-Act Structure Beginning Middle End Resolution Complication Introduction ~30 I 3060 ~30 minutes II III Plot Point #2 Miniclimax #1 = Plot Point #1 I II III end act end act Plot Points escalate stakes escalate stakes imply complication imply complication Plot Points = Transitions propel action propel action into next act ask a Question that next act Answers Star Wars IV (1977) 115:50 92 42 I II III 120 Happy Ending Structure Beginning Middle End Hollywood's 3-Act Structure Good for quest stories, triumphant stories, selfimprovement character arcs, comingofage stories Alternative Narratives variations from Hollywood's traditional linear storytelling Standard Hollywood Narrative: single protagonist goaloriented 3act structure chronological order end = clear resolution Alternative Narratives Due To: 1. Quest for Variety 2. "Narrative Fatigue" 3. Break linear "tyranny" ...
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