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ADV319 Notes Share (p304-308)

ADV319 Notes Share (p304-308) - o Source Derogation –...

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Pg. 304-308 One vs. Two-sided Arguments o Supportive (one sided) arguments  – present one or more positive attributes  about a product and why to buy it. o Two-sided message –  a message that presents both the positive and negative  information.  Research indicates that ads that use this technique can be very  effective, yet marketers rarely use them. Refutational argument –  raise a negative issue with your product then  dismiss it.  This increases your credibility by reducing the bias in your  message. Comparative Advertising  – Refers to a  strategy in which a message compares two or  more recognizable brands and weighs them in terms of one or more specific attributes.
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Unformatted text preview: o Source Derogation – when the consumer doubts the credibility of a biased presentation in a comparison ad • Types of Message Appeals o Emotional vs. Rational – Appeal to the head or appeal to the heart? o Sex Appeal – “sex sells” (e.g. Lee Jeans slogan: “Bottoms feel better in Lee jeans”) o Humorous Appeals – creates a positive association with the brand, but risks “swamping” the message (the humor gets more attention than the product) o Fear Appeals – emphasize the negative consequences that can occur unless the consumer changes a behavior or an attitude...
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