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Ch 6 Lifestyles - Chapter 6 Personality Lifestyles...

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Chapter 6: Personality & Lifestyles Lifestyles as Group Identities • Self-definitions can be termed: lifestyle, taste public, consumer group, symbolic community, status culture • Urban Consumer: 18-34 year old population, urban-oriented clothing styles, materialistic, high- end cars and clothing, up-to-date technology and entertainment like cell phones, PDAs and computers. Products are the Building Blocks of Lifestyles • Nike: built-in ipod hook up with iTunes partnerships so people can listen to their favorite music while building their athletic lifestyle. It also makes tracks with voices instructing yoga, dance, or weight training. • Whole foods: singles night, wine and food tasting combined with single’s mingle. • Training classes -REI: offers training for the gear they sell (kayaks and mountain bikes in particular) -PetSmart/PetCo: offers pet training classes -Cabela’s: offers classes to teach hunting skills, fishing tips, gun cleaning.
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