Chapter 5 Sex Roles 198-202

Chapter 5 Sex Roles 198-202 - Chapter 5 Sex Roles 198-202...

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Chapter 5 Sex Roles 198-202 IS BEAUTY UNIVERSAL? Study: found preferences for masculine traits in men’s faces may fluctuate during the course of a woman’s menstrual cycle Study: found preferences are triggered physiologically Forms of mass media influence which forms of beauty are desirable at any point in time We have phrases to sum up cultural ideals, such as “girl-next-door” and “jock” THE WESTERN IDEAL OF BEAUTY people in less powerful cultures tend to adopt standards of beauty prevalent in dominant cultures big round eyes, tiny waists, large breasts, blond hair, and blue eyes People in Thai, Nigeria, Korea, and Japan are beginning to find more westernized looks attractive IDEALS OF BEAUTY OVER TIME Periods of history can be characterized by a specific “look” or ideal Today: fit & toned bodies; one search found when market conditions were bad, people preferred mature features-small eyes, thin cheeks, and a large chin while when the economy was in good shape, they preferred women with babyish features-big eyes and full cheeks Past U.S. ideals: delicate to the point of looking ill; voluptuous, lusty woman; athletic; small, boyish flapper look The desire to conform to current standards of beauty is very prevalent Our culture communicates these standards everywhere – mag covers, department store windows, TV shows, fashion dolls The ideal body type of Western women changes over time which cause us to redefine sexual dimorphic markers —aspects of the body that distinguish between the sexes IS THE WESTERN IDEAL GETTING REAL? Dove/Unilever found that women didn't find ads with models very believable and started using average women in their ads. McDonald’s, Nike, and Wal-Mart have also begun using ordinary people instead of
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Chapter 5 Sex Roles 198-202 - Chapter 5 Sex Roles 198-202...

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