Psych_Adv_Review - Personality • Personality refers to a...

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Unformatted text preview: 3/9/2009 Personality • Personality refers to a person’s unique psychological makeup and how it consistently influences they way a person responds to his or her environment • Personality dimensions usually combine with a person’s choices of leisure activities, political outlook, aesthetic tastes, etc. to segment consumer in terms of lifestyles Freudian Theory • ID- “I want it now!” • EGO- “I need to do a bit of planning to get it” • SUPEREGO- “you have it. It’s not right ” • ID : instant gratification; operates according to the pleasure principle –maximize pleasure and avoid pain • Superego : counterweight to the id; act as the conscience, internalizing the rules of society and preventing the id from seeking selfish gratification • Ego : mediates between the id and superego; balancing temptation and virtue thought the reality principle gratifying the in ways that are acceptable to the outside world • The ego relies on symbolism products to make the compromise between the demands of the id and the prohibitions of the superego o There is a connection between product symbolism and motivation Motivation Research • Started in the 1950’s; understand the deeper meanings of products and advertisements • Focused on interpretations from the subconscious (unconscious motives) o Relied on depth interviews with individuals consumers • Came under attack for two reasons o May have Neo Freudian Theories •...
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Psych_Adv_Review - Personality • Personality refers to a...

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