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Texbook Study Guide - Exam 2 - o Self-perception theory (p....

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While preparing for Exam Two (which is scheduled for March 30 th ) you may want to  pay particular attention to the following areas in the textbook: Chapter 5:  Symbolic Interactionism, The Looking-Glass Self, and Self-Consciousness (p. 176- 178) Self/Product Congruence (p. 180-181) Sex Roles (p. 183-207) Chapter 6: Personality  o Freudian Systems (p. 218-221) o Are you an innie or an outie? (p. 224-225) o Brand Personality (p. 226-228) Lifestyles and Psychographics o Lifestyles as group identities (p. 230-232) o Products are the building blocks of lifestyles (p. 232-236) o Doing a psychographic analysis / AIOs (p. 239-240) o Psychographic segmentation typologies (p. 241-244) o Food cultures (p. 245) Chapter 7:  The functions of attitudes (p. 256-258) The standard learning hierarchy (p. 258-261) Forming attitudes
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o Levels of commitment to an attitude (p. 262-264)
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Unformatted text preview: o Self-perception theory (p. 265-266) o Social judgment theory (p. 267-268) Attitude models (p. 270-279) Chapter 8: Changing attitudes through communication (p. 288-289) Whos in charge of the remote? / New message formats (p. 290-292) The source o Hype versus buzz: The corporate paradox (p. 295-297) o What is beautiful is good / Star power: Celebrities as communications sources (p. 297-298) The message (p. 300-304) o Types of message appeals (p. 305-309) o The message as art form: Metaphors be with you (p. 309-310) o The elaboration likelihood model (p. 311-313) Reminder: You are also responsible for all lecture material, including the content of Generation M: Misogyny in Media and Culture, No Logo, and The Diamond Empire (upcoming). Happy Studying!!!...
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Texbook Study Guide - Exam 2 - o Self-perception theory (p....

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