GOV 310L - GOV 310L 1 Political Parties Political parties...

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GOV 310L 2-26-09 1. Political Parties - Political parties run candidates in their own name. This is the difference between interest groups and political parties. Interest groups contribute to politics, advocate, campaign and support but don’t run candidates. - Political party- an organization that recruits and runs candidates in its own name in an attempt to control government. These exclude single-person entities (independents: running without a political party). - Do you have to have a chance to win to be called a political party? In the long run, yes. But under Shaw’s definition, you might qualify. Ex. Libertarian, Green Party. - Small parties should be included; but the American Party system is 2 parties even though there are 15 parties on the ballot. Competition is mainly between Republicans and Democrats. 2. Aldridge: wrote book in 1995. He said that if you look at public policy at the start of the country there was no equilibrium point in policy. Any majority position was time department. Congress was made up of free agents representing districts. So, political parties form structure. They are essential, otherwise we’d never have stable policy. In summary, parties serve a critical function in making Democracy work. 3. Political parties in the US are very unique. Political parties in Europe have change whereas in the US, they tend to change. 4. Pseudo party system- 2 political parties: the party was confined to the elite debate existing in state legislatures and congress. The nature of the conflict was the scope of the government. The Jeffersonians were suspicious of Hamilton’s
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GOV 310L - GOV 310L 1 Political Parties Political parties...

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