Chapter 6 PPT radio final

Chapter 6 PPT radio final - Chapter 6: Radio The Empire of...

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Chapter 6: Radio The Empire of the Air Radio Days (1987) Directed and written by Woody Allen Starring: Mia Farrow Dianne Wiest Julie Kavner Wallace Shawn Don Pardo Radio’s Glory Days Connected isolated communities Provided information to primarily illiterate nation Free music Primary home entertainment Radio/Internet Similarities Access the wisdom of the ages (signal the end of libraries) World peace (get different nations and people talking) Makes the world smaller, more connected Bring arts, entertainment, and sports to isolated individuals War of the Worlds Mercury Theatre of the Air Broadcast: October 30, 1938 Written by Howard Koch Featuring Orson Welles Radio Days When Radio Ruled Radio’s rag-tag history Read newspapers on the air Local DJs, local music, local tastes But the radios were not portable … though their signals covered the globe Transcripts from Border Radio Clip #1 : “Turn Your Radio On” and commercials Clip #2 : Sen. W. Lee “Pappy” O’Daniel and temperance commercial Clip #3 : Bulletin and commercials (incl. Wolfman Jack!) Border Radio Transformed American AM radio Unregulated – located in Mexico XERF, XED, XEAW Began the careers of a host of U.S. DJs, including WOLFMAN JACK American Graffiti Directed and written by George Lucas (1973) Starring: Harrison Ford
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Richard Dreyfuss Ron Howard Wolfman Jack Charles Martin Smith Local DJs were like FAMILY Programming entirely LOCAL Individualized commercials (and clients) Dispensed advice Became active during the Civil Rights movement and Vietnam … lent their prestige Local celebrities, involved in the community
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Chapter 6 PPT radio final - Chapter 6: Radio The Empire of...

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