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Chapter 7 PPT Notes Film

Chapter 7 PPT Notes Film - A Silent Film Gallery Le Voyage...

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A Silent Film Gallery Le Voyage Dans la Lune A Trip to the Moon (French, 1902) Written and directed by Georges Melies Among the first to use special effects, fantasy and science fiction in film Birth of a Nation (1915) Directed by D.W. Griffith Starring Lillian Gish, Henry B. Walthall First great innovator in American cinema … close ups, parallel editing, full-length motion pictures Nosferatu (1922) Directed by F. Murnau Clip 1 Clip 2 Unauthorized adaptation of Dracula, copies destroyed 1923 by Bram Stoker’s heirs Starring Max Schreck as “Count Orlok” Murnau would later direct Sunrise (1927) Sherlock, Jr . (1924) Buster Keaton – writer, director, lead character The master of frantic comic action, while maintaining a very modern deadpan throughout Gold Rush (1925) Charlie Chaplin, writer, director, lead actor (“The Little Tramp”) Brought a lyricism to comic cinema, every scene is choreographed like a dance Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928) Written, directed and starring Buster Keaton Remarkable, dangerous stunts, which he did himself
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