Chapter 8 PPT Notes TV

Chapter 8 PPT Notes TV - Good Night, and Good Luck Directed...

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Good Night, and Good Luck Directed by George Clooney Written by George Clooney and Grant Heslov Starring: David Strathairn Jeff Daniels Robert Downey, Jr. TV news’ greatest hour The New York Times, The Washington Post and CBS News vs. Sen. Joseph McCarthy “Witch hunt” for alleged communists in government and entertainment “Black-listing” innocent people without due process of law in “loyalty reviews” McCarthy more powerful than President Eisenhower Chapter 8 … TELEVISION Rescue Me Starring Dennis Leary as (Tommy Gavin) New York Fire Department (NYFD) 9 p.m. Tuesdays on FX A veteran fireman wrestles with his demons following 9/11 The Future of Television Younger demographics watch less TV … and the decline continues High quality programming remains, especially on “cable” channels May 2007 “least watched” in modern TV history (less than 20 million viewers) YouTube averages 100 million video streams per day The Power of TV: American Idol Billboard magazine 9/29/08 Kelly Clarkson, 9.50 million Carrie Underwood, 8.90 million Clay Aiken, 4.90 million Chris Daughtry, 4.20 million Ruben Studdard, 2.50 million Fantasia, 2.30 million Jordin Sparks, 0.97 million Kellie Pickler, 0.79 million Josh Gracin, 0.77 million Bo Bice, 0.73 million (Just before of release of new product by Jennifer Hudson and Kellie Pickler) Is Network TV Dying? What to Watch for on TV … Beware of “experts” chosen by agenda or easy access
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Beware of commentators who claim they’re the only ones who are “unbiased” Be independent – examine all sides 4. The camera always “lies.” 5. With television news in particular, it’s easy to be swayed by WHO reports something and HOW they report it. Style over substance. 6. At the local level, it’s news because it makes good TV 7. At the national and international level, it’s also true: News is often news because it makes good TV. 8. Television costs, from least to most expensive to produce: A. Talking heads B. “Reality TV” C. 30-minute, three-camera sitcoms D. One-hour dramas E. Maintaining a news department 9. All-news channels will continue to shrink the windows for “live” news coverage. 10. Talking head commentators and “experts” will say increasingly outrageous things.
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Chapter 8 PPT Notes TV - Good Night, and Good Luck Directed...

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