Chapter 9 PPT Notes Internet

Chapter 9 PPT Notes Internet - Chapter 9: The Internet The...

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Chapter 9: The Internet The Internet’s Dangerous World Birth of the Internet: August 6, 1991 Today about one-third of the planet has access to the Internet Virtually unregulated … (including on-line research papers!) The Internet IS Information Facts … but also: Opinions Stories Interpretations Propaganda Statistics The Internet was Created to… Inform … but also Persuade Sell Present a viewpoint Change an attitude or belief Two basic questions … What source would be the most credible for providing information in this particular case? What sources are likely to be fair, objective, lacking in hidden motives, showing quality control? How to evaluate information Since not everything available on the Internet is equal … you’ve got to understand how and why it was formed to make intelligent decisions Technology is not ALWAYS your friend! The Personalities and Companies Who DOMINATE the Internet Bill Gates – Microsoft Larry Page and Sergey Brin – Google Jeff Bezos – Pierre Omidyar -- eBay Bill Gates – Microsoft Founded Microsoft 1975 Success tied to IBM’s PC in 1981 Stepped down as head in Summer 2008 Now devoted to philanthropic foundation What’s ahead for Microsoft? Will it lose its focus? Mission statement to change? (to put a computer on every desk in every home) Still incredibly profitable Bill Gates … Prophet? 1
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“Internet Tidal Wave” (1995) The end of Viruses and Malware (2002) The end of Spam (2004) Xbox 360 Microsoft Today $1 billion per week World’s richest man past 13 years 90% of all computers use Microsoft’s Windows Xbox 360 Cracks in Microsoft? Too big, too slow? No longer the innovator? Like IBM of the 1980s? Only a populizer of other ideas?
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Chapter 9 PPT Notes Internet - Chapter 9: The Internet The...

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