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Chapter 10 PPT Notes PR - Chapter 10: PUBLIC RELATIONS Main...

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Chapter 10: PUBLIC RELATIONS Main Categories of PR Communication with external publics of an organization Counsel management and other organization employees Communication with Internal publics Work with the news media Help produce public functions and events Research Planning Communication Evaluation Public Relations Schematic ORGANIZATION PUBLIC ORGANIZATION PR FIRM PUBLIC ORGANIZATION PR FIRM MEDIA PUBLIC Public relations professional: Translator Journalism is the BASIS for public relations Convey mission and wishes of your employers to the public thru the media Gather, organize, present facts AND make your employer look GOOD PR Writing Requirements Press releases Speeches Solicitation letters Brochures Promotional copy Inter-office reports Advertising copy Public Relations Code of Ethics Accreditation Licensing Rogue PR people: “flacks” Truth over “spin-doctoring” Public relations PROFESSIONAL Wag the Dog (1998) Director: Barry Levinson With: Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Willie Nelson … 1
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The Art of the Spin Doctor Crafting the Press Release Interview the appropriate people Discern the most important information Write it like a news story Include a helpful headline Include all contact information Include a release time Keys of Public Relations Know your audience Study your audience Your audience is the media Write like a reporter Avoid hype You’re realistic You’re helpful ADHERE to the same principles as news writing
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Chapter 10 PPT Notes PR - Chapter 10: PUBLIC RELATIONS Main...

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