Chapter 11 notes Advertising

Chapter 11 notes Advertising - Advertising Advertising is a...

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Unformatted text preview: Advertising Advertising is a tool of the mass-marketing system … • …and that’s a good thing! • Advertising – part of the reason we have a free press in the U.S. (not government funded) • Advertising is NOT a straight-forward activity • Lots of different models • Brand Loyalty “Ladder” Stages of Brand Loyalty: Goal of every advertiser To be successful: • 1. From Unawareness • 2. To awareness • 3. To comprehension • 4. To Conviction • 5. To Action Make buying certain Objective-Driven Advertising • 1. We have a new product. We need a budget for advertising. Therefore, we need objectives! • 2. We need to determine our target audience. Therefore, we need Objectives! • 3. We need to determine the content of the advertisements. We need objectives! • 4. We need to decide on the media. Objectives! • 5. We need to decide on the frequency. Therefore, we need Objectives! • 6. We need some way to measure effectiveness of the advertising. Therefore, we need Objectives! What advertising through the media CAN do … • A. Convey information • B. Alter perceptions/attitudes • C. Create desires • D. Establish connections • E. Direct actions • F. Provide reassurance Consumer Advertising • 1.Existing product – existing markets • 2. New product – existing markets • 3. Existing products – new markets • 4. New products – new markets Business Advertising Between businesses: • 1. Industrial • 2. Trade • 3. Professional • 4. Agricultural (Most commercial advertising is invisible to the public.) Top 100 Companies: Total Dollars Spent on Advertising • 1. Proctor & Gamble • 2. AT&T • 3. General Motors • 4. Time Warner • 5. Verizon • 6. Ford Motor Co. • 7. GlaxoSmithKline • 8. Walt Disney • 9. Johnson & Johnson • 10. Unilever Branding, Storytelling& Image • “Today the business of business is becoming the constant invention of new business.” – Marshall McLuhan • “All advertising advertises advertising.” – Marshall McLuhan How Advertising Works Two basic concepts: • 1. Much of modern advertising is actually branding • 2. Much of our shared knowledge as a nation comes to us not through the transmission of oral history, but through the commercial process of story-telling Branding and Storytelling • Branding – Old English “biernan” … something struck by fire • Brandish a sword • Ownership burned into cattle, barrels … and people Branded into our brains • 10% of a 2-year-old’s vocabulary • 1 of 4 babies speaks a brand name first • The Marlboro Man vs. George Washington • McDonald’s vs. The Red Cross Everything is marketing. Everything is branding....
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Chapter 11 notes Advertising - Advertising Advertising is a...

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