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This is an example of an interview guide to just serve as a template as you develop one. Black (Example) Blue [notes for you as you develop your interview guide] Existential Phenomenological Study on B2B Buyers [Name of Project] Set-up Considerations & Purpose: [things you’ll say to get things started] Thanks for your time; Expectations for length, Confidentiality. Permission to audiotape [if it applies] Tell participant to feel free to speak their mind, be as candid as possible, No right-wrong answers. Purpose: I’m going to ask you to reflect on your specific experiences working with suppliers and share some stories. We’ll put an emphasis on your personal experiences, day-to-day thoughts, so as best as possible, I can see the world through your eyes. [they will want to know the gist of the research, don’t need to tell them everything up front, it is better if you keep it broad… “interested in learning about you, some of your tastes, etc.”] Initial Question(s) [ the initial question is critical
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