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Lecture_4_-_Immigration - Bulldozer 10 Monetary remittances...

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Economics 1301   True or False Immigration True or False – If false make a note why 1. _____ The American spirit has been shaped by the immigrants that have fled here 2. _____ The predominant reason for people to immigrate to America is for economic reasons. 3. _____ A pushing force for immigration is cheap and abundant land. 4. _____ Because nations do not like people leaving their country, some countries impose a departure tax. 5. _____ In the four “waves” of immigration, it was The British Isles that came first, and the Third World countries that come fourth. 6. _____ Despite common beliefs, America is actually a melting pot, rather than a stew pot. 7. _____ The term that best describes the mother country’s confusion about why people were leaving is known as the brain drain. 8. _____ Increased population in Europe was a pulling force that brought many Europeans to America. 9. _____ If Dr. Gilbreath wins the Texas State Lottery today, the first thing he will buy is a
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Unformatted text preview: Bulldozer. 10. _____ Monetary remittances are payments made by the mother country as a gesture to America for the wrong they did before the Revolution. 11. _____ Companies that advertised American stressed the availability of land, superior American soil, and freedom in general. 12. _____ Most immigrants were predominantly middle aged males that were in search of a new profession. 13. _____ American currently has 1 million legal and illegal immigrants coming into the country today. 14. _____ Due to technological advances in society, mass immigration is essentially over. 15. _____ Talented young immigrants help advance our national goals. They make us richer not poorer, stronger not weaker. 16. _____ Almost two-thirds of all immigrants settle in California, Texas, New York, or Florida....
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