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QBA 2305 Terms for Exam 4 You need to be familiar with the following terms. You won’t be asked to write from memory any definitions, but you will need to be able to recognize the meaning of these terms in multiple choice questions. Chapter 17 – Chi-Square Applications Goodness of Fit Test Observed Frequencies Expected Frequencies Degrees of Freedom Chi-Square Distribution Chi-Square Test Statistic - Contingency Table Analysis Type I Error Type II Error Level of Significance Critical Value Rejection Region
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Unformatted text preview: P-value Chapter 19 Statistical Process Control and Quality Management Chance Variation Assignable Variation Statistical Process Control Control Charts for Variables Control Charts for Attributes Upper Control Limit Lower Control Limit X-Bar (Mean) Chart R (Range) Chart Proportion Nonconforming or Percent Defective (P) Chart In-Control Process Out-of-Control Process Acceptance Sampling Acceptance Number =BINOMDIST Excel function Operating Characteristic (OC) Curve...
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