Final_Exam_-_PPT_and_DC(_2,_8,_10)_Review - Review for...

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Review for PowerPoint 1. What is the most important part of your presentation? 2. What are the different views in PowerPoint and how are they used? 3. What is the difference between promoting and demoting a bullet? How many levels of bullets? 4. What are placeholders? Slide layouts? 5. How do you rehearse the timing for a PowerPoint show? 6. What is the slide navigator and how is it used? 7. What is the 6x6 rule? 8. What is Package for CD? Why is it important? 9. What are the six elements to planning a presentation? 10. How should you use the slide master? What is a title master? 11. Slide master formatting vs direct formatting 12. What are the various ways to print? 13. What is a summary slide? 14. How do you create a custom background for a slide and what are the best colors to use? 15. Review the list of tips I gave you about your PowerPoints. 16. What are Progressive Disclosures? 17. What are Slide Transitions? How do you apply them? 18. What is a Design Template? 19. What is the Style Checker? 20. How do you use speaker notes in a presentation? 21. What is a color scheme?
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Final_Exam_-_PPT_and_DC(_2,_8,_10)_Review - Review for...

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