Chapter 4ab - General adaption syndrome persistent or...

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Chapter  4 02:27 Behavior medicine- interdisplinary field that focuses on th role that osycholgocial  factors play in the occurrence, maintenance, and prevention of medical problems  Health psychology- psychological specialty that deals with diagnosis, treatment  and prevention Stress- adjustive demands placed on an organism and its biological and  psyhoscoial responses to such demands Stresors- adjustive demands Eustress- positive stress Distress- negative stress Crisis- stressful situation approaches or exceeds the adaptive capacities of a  person or group  Stress tolerance- person’s ability to withstand stress without becoming seriously  impaired  Allostatic load- biological cost of adapting to stress- when we are relaxed, its low
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Unformatted text preview: General adaption syndrome- persistent or severe stress altering peron’s physical health • Body’s reaction to sustained and excessive stress occurs in o An alarm reaction- defensive called to arms (autonomic nervous system o Stage of resistance- biological adaption is at the maximal level in terms of bodily resources used o Exhaustion- bodily resources are depleted and organsism loses its ability to resist – can lead to death Pscyoneuroimmunology- study of the interaction between the nervous system and the immune system 02:27 02:27...
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Chapter 4ab - General adaption syndrome persistent or...

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