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3-30-09 - Part III Lecture 3 Dominance behavio in...

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3/30/09 Part III. Lecture 3 Dominance behavio in primates *INSIGHT FROM TA’s = read the TEXT!!! The advantages of Sociality Increases individual survival to adulthood o Increases your ability to procure food o Reduces your risk of being somebody else’s food Improves chances of finding a mate Increases likelihood of successful pregnancy outcomes Increases offspring survival But, it increases inter-personal conflict Mechanisms to preserve the peace in primate social groups Grooming Friendship (alliances) Sex Territoriality Dominance hierarchies Primate “Neighborhoods” Home range & core area – extent of customary movements & resources Territory – customary habitat is defended against other groups or individuals Why be so Stingy over territory? To defend mates To defend offspring To protect food supply (fruit trees)
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Dominance & Social Relations Dominance – a fundamental aspect of primate behavior
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