Week 10 Discussion Lab Notes

Week 10 Discussion Lab Notes - • Lucy: presence of scar...

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IN CLASS ACTIVITY: COMPARISON OF BONES OF DIFFERENT SPECIES Pelvis is made up of 3 bones: Ilium Ischium Pubis Comparisons o Chimpanzee: elongated and narrow o A. afarensis: shorter, broader, flared and basin-shape o Humans: shorter, broader, flared, and basin-shaped Sacrum Base of the backbone Supports the transfer of weight Differentiates apes and humans NOT attached to pelvis! Comparisons o Chimpanzee: narrow o A. afarensis: broader o Humans: broader Birth canal Femur Comparisons o Chimpanzee: thickness is consistent at base and top of femoral neck o Lucy: greater thickness at base of femoral neck o Human: same as A. afarensis Oburator Externus
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Originates on front of pelvis Attaches to back of femoral neck Humans: flattened groove or scar Chimpanzees: no flattening
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Unformatted text preview: • Lucy: presence of scar Bicondylar Angle • The angle the femur makes with the knee o Comparisions Chimpanzees: ~90 degrees Humans: ~110 degrees Lucy: ~114-120 degrees Hallux • Big toe • In bipeds, aligned to “toe-off” Some Famous Footprints: Laetoli., Tanzania • Discovered in 1976 by Mary Leaky • At least 2, possibly 3, bipedal indiiduals • Date to 3.6 mya, and are the oldest bipedal footprints • Probably made by A. afarensis Early Hominin Foot Morphology Based on 1.5 million-year-old footprints from Ilere, Kenya • Footprints found in Kenya • Date to about 1.5 mya • Probably made by H. ergaster/erectus • Earliest evidence of a modern foot anatomy...
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Week 10 Discussion Lab Notes - • Lucy: presence of scar...

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