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ADvertisment Project 1 - Krontz 1 Jason Krontz Professor...

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Krontz 1 Jason Krontz Professor Cooper ENG. 101. 031 18 February 2008 Voodoo: Cult Worship? Or Something Else. I was looking through my PC Gamer magazine when the advertisement caught my eye. As I was focusing my eyes on the small print back on the ad side, I was startled to see an African voodoo head staring at me out of the darkness on the left side of the page! I found myself subtly excited to be surprised by the voodoo head. I’m not saying that this was like playing a video game, but I’m not in the habit of getting a mini-adrenaline rush when looking at a magazine advertisement. And yet, I did. Gamers spend a lot of time in “worlds” that feel magical. The battle between good and evil is always being played out and Gamers are free to choose which side they will battle on. Once the choice is made, they are required to play by a certain set of rules, often ritualistically at first. In this advertisement the audience is most definitely gamers, specifically PC gamers. This “voodoo head” that reveals itself is very prototypical of the kind of thing that most gamers would look at and respond with “woah, that’s cool”. This appeals to gamers and demonstrates that this advertisement is directed at them, leading to the assumption that this computer is all about gaming. The name
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ADvertisment Project 1 - Krontz 1 Jason Krontz Professor...

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