PHSX 114 2nd Midterm Review Sheet

PHSX 114 2nd Midterm Review Sheet - y solve equations of...

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PHSX 114 Second Midterm Review Sheet Chapters 3 through 4 -- Spring 2009 Terminology: y velocity y speed y acceleration y vector y scalar y magnitude y component y unit vector y Projectile motion y mass (inertial mass) y force y weight y apparent weight y tension y normal force y friction (static and kinetic) y terminal speed Principles: y perpendicular components of motion can be described by separate equations y Newton’s first, second and third laws of motion y objects fall with the same acceleration regardless of mass y empirical force laws for friction Skills: y solve dynamics problems involving one and two-dimensional motion y construct free body diagrams and find equations of motion using Newton’s Laws y be able to relate velocities in different inertial reference frames y vector operations: find components, find magnitudes and directions, addition, subtraction, multiplication by a scalar y describe and work with vectors in Cartesian coordinates y draw and interpret motion diagrams y represent motion on graphs and interpret graphs (x vs. t, x vs. y, v vs. t, a vs. t)
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Unformatted text preview: y solve equations of motion, interpret results (know meaning of signs of x, v, a) y identify forces acting on an object y analyze projectile motion (2-dimensional motion with constant downward acceleration) Equations: Circumference of circle: 2 r Area of circle : r 2 Volume of sphere: 4 r 3 /3 Surface area of sphere: 4 r 2 For a right triangle with sides a adjacent, b opposite, c hypotenuse: sin =b/c, cos =a/c, tan =b/a, a 2 + b 2 =c 2 (Pythagorean theorem), =tan-1 (b/a) V x =V cos , V y =V sin , V x 2 +V y 2 = V 2 , =tan-1 V y /V x t v a t r v ave ave = = r r r r , dt v d a dt r d v r r r r = = , BonA AonB F F r r = F r F r net a r m = = w=mg f k = k F N f s , max = s F N Constant acceleration: v = v + at, x = x 0 + v t + at 2 , v 2 = v 2 +2a ( x-x ), v av e = ( v + v ) Constants: g=9.80 m/s 2 , 2 radians=360 1 mile=5280 ft=1.609 km...
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PHSX 114 2nd Midterm Review Sheet - y solve equations of...

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