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Episodio 3 student version - STUDENT MATERIALS Sol y...

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STUDENT MATERIALS Sol y viento, Episodio III – A la viña (pp. 182-183) Intro.: You are a Chilean advertising agency which the vineyard Sol y viento has hired to promote their delicious product. Each group is responsible for making a T.V. commercial which advertises the wine and covers topics on the history of wine production in Chile. You will begin by reading your assigned text with your fellow advertising executives. Next, choose 2 facts from the information assigned to your group that you think are most important for the viewing public to know about. You will then write a script (guión) that creatively promotes Sol y viento and informs viewers on the history of Chilean wine. Take the rest of class to practice your commercials, and come ready to present them tomorrow. The use of props and other visual aids will enhance your presentation. In addition, you must adhere to the following guidelines: 1) Duración: 3 a 5 minutos 2) El guión ( script ) se entrega después de la presentación. 3) Tienen que parafrasear lo que los textos dicen, sin repetirlos palabra por palabra. 1) Tienen que convencer al público ( audience ) de que compren el vino de Sol y viento. 2) Cada persona en el anuncio tiene que hablar. Nadie queda en silencio. 3) Estímulos ( props ) y vestuario ( costumes ) son necesarios (but please: no real wine or wine voltees). 1. La historia de las viñas chilenas La historia del vino chileno comienza con la llegada de los españoles al territorio que hoy conocemos como Chile, alrededor del siglo XVI. Ellos trajeron
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Episodio 3 student version - STUDENT MATERIALS Sol y...

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