Actividad Cultural United Fruit Co- Bb

Actividad Cultural United Fruit Co- Bb - Vistazos...

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Vistazos Culturales SPAN 111 BANANA REPUBLIC: THE UNITED FRUIT COMPANY : Bananas y política PURPOSE: Promote cultural sensitivity and a broader knowledge of US/Latin American relations analyzing the poem “ La United Fruit Co.” by Pablo Neruda I.  ANTES DE CLASE     :   PASO 1 What did you know about the United Fruit Company? PASO 2  Print and read the article found on Blackboard: United Fruit Company PASO 3:  After reading the article, answer the following questions: What was the United Fruit Company (UFC)? When and where did it exist? What was its purpose? What was the role of the United States government and the Central American governments in connection with the UFC? What effects did it have on Central American citizens and United States citizens? Why do you think the UFC is cited as an example of “exploitative neocolonialism”? What examples can you give? What happened with the UFC in 1970? Where are there successor companies today? The article notes that the UFC inspired artistic expression by several well known Latin American writers, artists and musicians. In class, we will witness one of these expressions. What do you expect to find? II. EN CLASE: WARM-UP ACTIVITIES ACTIVIDAD 1 : compartir respuestas de la actividad “Antes de Clase” paso 3 ACTIVIDAD 2: LLUVIA DE IDEAS Después de leer el artículo de la United Fruit Company, ¿qué palabras asocias con Centroamérica y la United Fruit Company?
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ACTIVIDAD 3: ASOCIACIONES DE PALABRAS Empareja las palabras de la columna A con sus definiciones o sinónimas de la Columna B. A
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Actividad Cultural United Fruit Co- Bb - Vistazos...

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