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SPAN 111 ORAL EXAM INFORMATION / PROCEDURES SPAN 111 1. You will be examined as you interact, in Spanish , in groups of three or, if and when necessary, in groups of four (randomly selected by your instructor). Two days are set aside for each of the oral exams. You will only come to class on the day and at the time you and the other members of your group are assigned. Do not be late or you may miss your opportunity to participate with your group. 2. The group will be given an activity to carry out . You should make an effort to carry out the activity in the time allotted. Note, however, that you will not be graded on whether or not you finish the steps; you are graded on the type of information you contribute to the interaction, and the way in which this information is relayed. It is very important that you speak Spanish and work in Spanish with the other group members. 3. Procedures: a. Each member of the group will be given a copy of the activity. (Different groups will be assigned different activities.) You may not write on this activity sheet and you must return it to the instructor when your exam is finished. b. You will have eight minutes (the time it takes the preceding group to interact) to read over the activity and think about the various questions provided for your consideration and some possible ideas you might want to bring up. You will not be allowed to talk with other group members during this eight-minute preparation period, nor can you consult dictionaries, textbooks, etc. You may jot down notes during this preparation period on a piece of scrap paper, but you will not be able to use these notes during the actual exam. Any scrap paper used must be then turned in to your instructor prior to beginning the actual exam. c. After the 8 minutes of silent preparation, the group will come together to carry out the activity. The interaction will last for only 8 minutes. Your instructor will stop the activity after 8 minutes. (If you are part of a group of 4, you will have 10 minutes; if, because of a no-show, your group has only 2 people, your instructor will probably stop the interaction after 6 minutes.) d. At no time during the 8-minute interaction will your instructor/evaluator participate in the interaction. You may not ask the instructor/evaluator questions of any type. The instructor/evaluator will not interfere in the group dynamic under any circumstances. 4. Your instructor/evaluator will record your interaction
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ORAL_EXAM_INFORMATION_for_Blackboard-grading criteria -...

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