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Exam3review - Review sheet for Exam 3 Pols 150 This review...

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Review sheet for Exam 3- Pols 150 This review sheet was created specifically to address some of the major themes present in the readings from the Kesselman and Krieger book. This is not an exhaustive list of the themes present in these readings, it only provides you with some guidelines when re-reading the articles and preparing for the exam. This is also not an all inclusive list of themes either, meaning that questions in the exam could come from areas not described in this list. Therefore, this review sheet has been provided with the main objective to help you collect your thoughts in relation to the readings from the Kesselman and Krieger book. I hope this helps in your preparation for the exam. List of general themes and topics: 7.2 Przeworski and Wallerstein - The basic economic mechanisms behind Keynesianism. - The role of labor in creating a democratic capitalist society. - Class compromise and its relationship to Keynesianism.
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