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Sp09MicroLab6BacterialGrowth - generation time approximated...

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University of Texas at Austin BIO126L Course Instructor: Pratibha Saxena Spring 2009 Lab 6: Bacterial Growth Purpose To observe the growth (by measuring absorbance and titer through dilution plating) of an organism with and without the presence of different types of antibiotics. Procedure Instead of ampicillin, the antibiotic carbenicillin was used. Discussion The graphs did not have a lag phase, so it can, therefore, be determined that the stock sample had already left lag phase before the first measurements were taken. The
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Unformatted text preview: generation time approximated from the graph matched the known generation time in the range of 12min. From the growth graphs it can be determined that both antibiotics are bactericidal (since their titer curves left log phase sooner than that of the normal curve and thereafter declined) and that the carbenicillin is also bacteriolytic (since the absorbance also decreased with time). Since the caused the decline in titer but not in absorbance it can be concluded that it is bacteriostatic....
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