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University of Texas at Austin BIO126L Course Instructor: Pratibha Saxena Spring 2009 Lab 10: Pathogenic Bacteria Purpose To determine the identity of 3 unknown, mildly pathogenic bacteria using selective media and biochemical tests. Discussion If the KIA slant was made incorrectly with 1% glucose as well as 1% lactose then the organisms would not use up the glucose as quickly so results obtained at 18-20hrs would be incorrect (the slant and butt would be yellow for all of the organisms). Gram - rods grown on MacConkey plate (to select against gram + organisms): The KIA slant was very helpful in determining the identity of my unknown enterics. My enteric #1 had a yellow butt and slant and had produced a large amount of gas at 18-20hrs indicating this organism to be a coliform aerogenic fermenter. After 20hrs, the slant turned red/pink because the organism had started to metabolize peptones. My enteric #2
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