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Unformatted text preview: Tips for Healthy Living By Kimberly Dawson Start a Diet Journal Keep a daily record of your weight and the foods you’ve eaten. Study your journal to become aware of your eating behavior. It will tell you when you’re eating too much or if you’re eating the wrong foods. Why Do You Want to Lose Weight Write a list of reasons in your diet journal and refer to it often to sustain your motivation. Good health, good looks, more self-confidence, and new romantic possibilities are only the beginning. Fighting Fatigue Paradoxically, the more you do, the less tired you’ll feel. Regular balanced exercise will speed up your metabolism, burn calories more efficiently, raise your energy level, and lift your spirits. You Are What You Eat Foods laden with fat, salt, and sugar leave you feeling lethargic and depressed. They set you up for more overeating. A nutritious low-fat diet has the opposite effect. You feel energized, revitalized, and happier. “Water is the only drink for a wise man.” Thoreau Water is the perfect weight loss beverage. It fills your stomach, curbs your appetite, and cleanses your entire system. Add a twist of lemon or lime to improve the taste and drink eight glasses every day. “The Bible Tells Me So” Cholesterol was not in their vocabulary, but the Biblical prophets knew the dangers of animal fat consumption. “Ye shall eat no manner of fat, of ox, or of sheep, or of goat.” Leviticus 7:23 Quick, Change Simply changing into your workout clothing and shoes might be all the motivation you need to psyche yourself up for exercise. Display them prominently to remind yourself to just do it! It’s Child’s Play Have fun with your kids. Jump rope, play catch, take a walk in the park, or bicycle around the neighborhood. You burn calories while you spend quality time with your children. Call the Salvation Army Once you’ve achieved your desired weight loss, donate your “fat” clothes to charity. You thereby commit yourself to permanent low fat eating and lifestyle physical activity. There’s no going back to...
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chap2_mid2_healthy_soluton - Tips for Healthy Living By...

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